An Igbo Man New Year

  “Happy New Year my friend, you look well. I have come to borrow one of your goats; Your black and brown goat with drunken eyes The gods have warned me to eat this today. They say I must prepare a goat-head pepper soup And as for the rest of …


9 Scary films for Halloween

Today doesn’t have to be the usual boring Monday, because it’s a Halloween Monday. If you enjoyed watching my Halloween’s video, then you might want to spice up this Monday by watching any of these scary films below that featured in my video. Annabelle – 2014 2. The Babadook – 2014 …


The Thing on the Road

                By Ada Uzoije “There is something on my road, but I don’t know what …


International Igbo Women Awards

I embraced my rich Igbo culture to attend the first International Igbo Women Awards held at Dream Centre,London,N15 4RY on the 8th …

DSC_0856 copy


Dear Ada Uzoije,  I believe Everybody Hate Me! I hate everyone because no one likes me. Everyone are cruel and they hate …

whose job 1_n

Storyline :  Tokumbo is a graduate, struggling to pay of his university fees. having worked a variety of job, Tukumbo turns to the only thing that might actually work, selling drugs. although, he is’nt streetwise or … → December 26, 2015