Ada Uzoije CRAZY ADA Creepy Bedtime Stories 5

Creepy Bedtime Stories 5

Saturday evenings, are the best times for creepy bedtime stories. Do you agree big boys and girls? You are a liar if you say ‘No!’. This is Crazy Ada, your favourite horror writer ✍️🏾.

In a Ghanian village, a young man took a shortcut through the forest 🌴🌴🐊. He met a man blocking the road, who told him he must answers two questions truthfully or he dies.

“Are you the person riding this bicycle 🚲 ?” The strange man asked.

The young man laughed 😆 “Chale! Are you blind? It is me riding this bicycle 🚲”

“Is this your bicycle?” The strange man asked again.

The young man frowned 😠at the man “It my bicycle, I will hit you Chale, if you don’t move out of my way!”.

“Have you read the sign👈🏿 on the bicycle?” The strange man asked once again.

The young man searched and located the sign and it read ‘Answer the two questions truthfully or you will ride this bike forever in the dark ’. Immediately, it was all dark 🌑🌑🌑and man was lost forever🔦.

The End.

Goodnight 🌚, and remember next time you visit a Ghanaian village, don’t be a bloody liar 🤥!

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