Ada Uzoije CRAZY ADA Creepy Bedtime Stories 3

Creepy Bedtime Stories 3

Creepy Horror Stories 3

Happy Night time, big boys & girls. Tucked in your bed, I’m Crazy Ada, your horror writer and let me read you a creepy bedtime story.

Once upon a time, a very naughty Tanzanian 🇹🇿 13 year old boy 👨🏾‍🦲ran out of school, and stole a coconut🥥 from a market seller. The angry seller chased him down but gave up after just few yards🙆🏿‍♂️. The boy later stopped at a street nearer to his house🏠. He smashed the coconut open and was disappointed to discover it was rotten inside🤮. The next day☀️, very eager to eat some fresh coconut, he stole again😏 but from different market seller, who didn’t make a big fuse🤫about the coconut being stolen. The boy stopped at the same street nearer to his house, he smashed the coconut and found a key 🔑 within. He took the key, and he suddenly turned into a coconut 🥥😭.”

The End.

Night, let the darkness sleep, go to sleep everybody🤫🌚💤

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