Ada Uzoije CRAZY ADA Creepy Bedtime Stories 1

Creepy Bedtime Stories 1

Evening🌙, big boys & girls, here is a creepy😱bedtime story to hurry you straight to bed. I’m Crazy Ada, the horror writer✍️🏾. ”Yesterday noon, I harvested some tomatoes🍅🍅 from my garden. I was so pleased with the harvest, I felt bad not to thank 👍🏾the Scarecrow. ”Scarecrow come have Jollof rice tonight”, I said jokingly and then took a selfie🤳🏾 with it. Later, at 6pm, I prepared some mouthwatering 😋spicy jollof rice using fresh ingredients 🍅🌶🧅🧄🍚. Greedily, I ate it all, yes! I licked the plate and scraped the pot. At 9 pm, just I was about to sleep🛌, I heard a bang downstairs. I grabbed a high heel shoe👠, went down to the kitchen, switch the light 💡, ”Where is my Jollof rice?”, the creepy grumpy Scarecrow bawled. I fainted. The End. Goodnite 🌚, now go to bed 🛌 and remember never say ”Jollof rice” to a Scarecrow.

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