Ada Uzoije CRAZY ADA Creepy Bedtime Stories Part 7

Creepy Bedtime Stories Part 7

Big boys & girls, good evening 🌚. Ready for another creepy bedtime story? I am Crazy Ada, your favourite horror write ✒️, at your service 👻!!

In Cameroon 🇨🇲, a roast corn🌽 seller, left the shop early and told her daughter👱🏿, Joaddan to close the shop at 6pm, an hour earlier. At 6pm, she didn’t close the shop as she got distracted by her two friends, Adamo & Enjeck. Then at 7pm the boy Adamo received anonymous text.

”What is it?”, The two girls asked him.

”It reads, a street in Yaounde has been selected for sacrifice” said a Witchdoctor.

”We are children of God!” The two girls laughed.

Adamo continued reading ”A bright light 💡 will appear, the ghosts will stare, the sky will turn red and Joaddan, Enjeck & Adamo will…”

The End.

Goodnight, if you ever visit Yaounde, watch the skies 🌤🔥closely.

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