Ada Uzoije CRAZY ADA Creepy Bedtime Stories Part 6

Creepy Bedtime Stories Part 6

Evening big boys & girls, ready for tonight creepy bedtime story? I’m Crazy Ada, your favourite horror writer. Switch on your touchlight 🔦, it’s about to get darker🌑!

In Freetown, Sierra Leone 🇸🇱, a shoe 👞maker was extremely tired, he kept dozing💤 off at his stall. The lady👩🏿food seller🥘 across the road, kept shouting at him to wake him up ”Hey Mr ugly shoe, wake ⏰ up!!!”.

The man🧔🏿would wake up, but soon he would fall asleep again. ”Mr Ugly shoe, sleep, sleep, sleep” shouted the Lady food seller’s son👨🏿‍🦲.

The man quickly fell into deep sleep 🛌. He eventually woke up at about 2am. It was dark 🌚🌑and quiet 🔕. He got scared😬and he quickly got ready to leave, then a voice 🗣behind said ”Hey Mr Ugly Shoe, wait, I’m coming with you!”, said the lady food seller’s long dead son😱.

The End.

Now, before you go to sleep 🌚 🌙, remember if you ever visited Freetown, and you hear 👂 ’Sleep! sleep!’ on the street, don’t SLEEP!

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