Ada Uzoije CRAZY ADA Creepy Bedtime Stories 2

Creepy Bedtime Stories 2

Evenings big boys & girls, the night will not be amazing 😉 if we didn’t season it up with some creepy bedtime stories. I’m Crazy Ada, your horror writer.

“A Ugandan  builder, visited his building site at 6am in the morning, in preparation for an inspection due at 8am🕗. He was surprised 😮 to see four of his brick 🧱 layers on-site, two sat on a bench🪑 and two working. “What is happening, too early to be at work?” he asked the two workers sitting down. “Oga we are having our break, after we finish, the other two will take a break.” Replied one of the workers. “I only pay workers to work from 9am to 4pm” the builder replied. “Oga we’re not resting, we don’t like staying outside, it so ❄️cold and scary🙀, so we helping build this apartment 🏢quickly”, the worker replied.

“Go home then! Don’t you have wife and kids👶🏾👩🏾missing you?” The builder asked🤷🏿‍♂️? “Oga, you’re not hearing 🗣us, we live here now. Leave us alone, it’s really cold outside. We want this apartment built up quickly .” The builder got frustrated 😕with their manners, especially being ignored by the other 3 workers so he said “You are all fired!”.

The four workers immediately left😭!

Then the builder went inside the building, it all looked 👀 good downstairs. He then went to the first floor, it was all 👍🏾 good.He then climbed up to second floor, and in one of the rooms, he found four dead bodies😳. He ran out as fast as a 🐆cheetah . The building remain uncompleted till today.

The End”.

So scary 👻, bedtime story is now over, goodnight 🛌and God bless 🙏.

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