Being a photographer is a creative, fun career but you should be wary of danger. As a woman, why would you enter an unopened shop just to snap a mannequin? You are invited in by a male owner with lipstick on his cheek. It is just you two alone. I was surprised Frank did not kill Anna at that moment. Maybe he was tired, having had Lucie the previous night. However, she stupidly gave him her number. Why would she do that after suspecting he lived in the shop? How many insane men do you know that live in their shop? This film just goes to prove, we should be vigilant at all times. Some handsome gentlemen are nothing but the devil incarnate.

cafe fear

CAPE FEAR (1991) :  Max Cady, is a psychopathic rapist who was sent to jail 14 years earlier for such crimes. He leaves prison carrying a vengeance. Not for his victims or his prosecutor, but his defence councillor. Sam J. Bowden, played by Nick Nolte. It seems Bowden did not defend Cady to the best of his ability. Cady knows this and wants some payback.

The moral to the story appeared similar to the film DRAG ME TO HELL. Selfish gain at the expense of the people who seek your honest service might drag you to hell. Most customers you wrong at work would move on and not seek revenge. However, it still comes up on the news every year when someone is killed because of their dishonesty in the service they are meant to provide. It is really sad when the rapist becomes the nice guy and the lawyer becomes the bad guy in the film. It is normally the other way round. Such is life.

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