AFTER watching the psychological slasher film Maniac (2012), I could not stop thinking how some of these women would have escaped being slaughtered if they were more vigilant.
Reading psychological books and watching films on this genre could make the difference between life and death.
Here are my reasons:


THE MANIAC (1980):   The Maniac (2012) is the remake of the 1980 version. I will be reviewing the 2012 reincarnation as that is the version I watched. Frank is a schizophrenic serial killer who spends his nights stalking and killing women, scalping them and bringing the scalps and their clothing back home to decorate his steadily growing collection of mannequins. Once a mannequin has been decorated to his satisfaction, Frank sleeps with it for several nights.

I am sure there are very few women stupid enough to invite a man they met online back to their place after their first date. Are they crazy? Offering sex on the table? Even a non-serial killer would be tempted to harm them. It was no surprise Lucie died while giving a blow job. She made herself too easy to be slaughtered.

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