South End Food Festival 2015

Today, the 28th of June 2015 I did the unusual. I proudly had my lunch on a busy road without the fear of being stuck by a vehicle. Actually, this section of the road was closed for the annual 2015 South End Food Festival held in Croydon. This year’s South End Food Festival, featured live cooking demos, two live music stages, street entertainers, kid areas and a wide range of restaurants with diverse menus. It was an ‘eat’ and ‘eat more’ only option for the thousands of spectators that were blown away by the mouthwatering foods elegantly DISPLAYS in each stalls. The sight of watching people munching on their food, was very tempting that my friends and I, immediately find ourselves joining the queue to buy lunch. I ate some well-favoured curry vegetable rice and squids for lunch. Today was a happy sunny day for a happy yummy food festival- it was fabulous!



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