Dear Ada Uzoije,

 I believe Everybody Hate Me! I hate everyone because no one likes me. Everyone are cruel and they hate me. Please help me!

Yours Truly,

            Fred Wood    


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Dear Fred,

Darkness is all you see. Lightness is what you do not see. “Everyone hates me,” you said. Really! How do you know that? Darkness in your soul, darkness in your eye, darkness in your ear, darkness you smell and darkness you touch. We believe what we think is the truth. Thinking is a thought of imagination. Imagination is either fiction or non-fiction. Non-fiction is the truth and fiction is not the truth. The truth is the end of no return. ‘Everyone hates me’ is the truth and our mind is made up. Wait! Answer this question, just this one question – define FICTION?

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Can you remember those moments? Those historical moments you were in the light, the smiling faces, the loves, the joys, the gifts and the happiness they gave to you? How plausible is it that your past moments were just mere fiction? How are you feeling today? How does it feel when the darkness from your brain takes over all your five senses, sound, sight, touch, smell and taste? It is extremely dangerous to be stuck in the dark, you undeniably need help! Everything becomes dark, everywhere becomes dark and everyone is suddenly hating me!

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Photo by Stuart Miles www.freedigitalphotos.net


Light is precious but when it’s gone, your world becomes full of ‘hate’. Everyone hates me is what you manufacture instantly in your new world of hateYou ponder on everyone but never meet them. Time runs fast and you refuse to run with it. You will never find the light if you don’t run with time. You need to run because your happiness depends on it. Why drown in a dark world where everyone hates you? There is a bright door in front of you, which is your way out to the light. Follow the light into a world of non-fiction where everyone does not hate you. Now you are in the light and with lightness having taken over your senses, everything is clearer and you see the real, the true.

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Everyone hates me is a fraudulent product! Not everyone knows you, even if you are a famous. How can everyone hate what they don’t even know exists? Most likely, much less than 1% of the world’s population know who you are. Everyone doesn’t hate you and it will be impossible for that to happen. And even if everyone knows you, less than half of the world population still will not hate you because we are not all the same. You like him, he does not like you; she likes him but he likes you. You see, someone likes someone and someone does not like someone.

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