Change is the Reality!

It’s time for a CHANGE but most people hate change.

Ada Uzoije at Lagos Island

What is it about change that you fear? Fear is not good, in fact, it is very bad for your health! When you hate fear, you have learnt nothing about life. Fear means you recognise a change that is about to happen, but accepting ‘fear’ is knowing life is about fear you have no control over. Why then should you spend more than half of your precious time on earth pondering about fear? Why should you let fear steal your happiness? Why not be friends with fear, then you will realise fear was never your enemy? Change is what your fear is and ‘fear’ is your interpretation of change!

Change is reality! The reality is ‘life’. Are you afraid of ‘living’?

Change is reality! The reality is ‘life’.

What is about change in life that you fear? Is it that one spike of white hair among the black hairs, you fear? C’mon! You are 45 years old, how many people of your age are not experiencing same changes? Why fear a change that is so natural? Dye that white hair but the change will soon return; it will always be white! Why are you afraid of getting old? Did you realise that you are a human? Everything on earth ages, from the sun, the moon, the ocean, the sand, the animals, and to you. Change is life and change is beautiful. Sorry, but you forgotten you are beautiful, because you are old? You are beautiful and I love your smile.

Ada Uzoije at Lagos Island


Change is inevitable! We age as the days pass by, and we are not immortal. Why do you want to be immortal? That’s greedy of you; didn’t your mama and teacher teach you to share your toys? We have to share our time on earth, to make way for the next generation and future generations to come. We can’t be immortal because this earth is too small to accommodate immortals and their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren, great-great-great-grandchildren and more. Where on earth are you hoping to accommodate your thousands of off-spring? Zillions of offspring from everyone, where are we all going to live? This earth is not for immortals! Earth is exclusively for life and death. Now, do you understand why we should never fear change?

Uloaku Uzoije (sister) and Ada Uzoije)


Change is the past, present and the future! Change is what had happened, what is happening now and what is about to happen. Change is time! Why fear the future you don’t know? Time is wasted worrying rather than living. When was the last time you ‘FORGIVEN’ yourself? Did you cause the change that ruined your life? Now, listen to me, it is not the change that you fear, it is ‘YOU’ that change fears. Let change love you, and you will find happiness again. Happiness never left, it is your fear of change that is making it unseen. You hate the change in you, but what can you do? If you can’t change the ‘change’ you hate, why let ‘change’ ruin the short life you have? Life is short and it wise to keep it sweet. Stop fearing change! Make change your best friend and start living life! Change is the reality!