Whisky and Wine are the worst siblings!

“Whisky and wine don’t mix, they are a bad combination.” That’s what I said to someone that jokingly suggested I try it to ease my miserable mood. I later drank a shot of whisky and felt much better. However, after a few hours I started pondering on how I can be 100% certain of something I never tried or which I’ve never heard anyone try. The person that suggested I try it had never tried it themselves. I picked up my mobile phone and rang six of my friends from different nationalities (Polish, Irish, British, Ghanaian, Portuguese and Spanish), and asked them the same question: “Is whisky and wine a good mix?” They all replied “No!” I then asked, “Have you ever tried it?” to which they all replied, “No way!” My Ghanaian friend went as far as warning me never to attempt mixing both drinks, because it was too dangerous!

DSC_0154 copy

It’s great to have a friend who cares about me, but how deadly can it be mixing whisky and wine? I am an occasional drinker and exclusively drink white/red wine, whisky and Irish cream only. I hate beers and other alcoholic drinks! I never get intoxicated and always drink responsibly. But today, I wanted to try something different. I wanted to be as crazy as whisky but well-behaved like wine.

I wanted to mixed whisky and DSC_0155 copywine but in a small quantity. And I did just that!

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MY VERDICT: “Whisky mixed with wine tastes like another brand of very dry wine! The taste is good, but the alcohol level is very high, so drink sensibly just as you would do with any alcoholic drink. I survived!

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People tend to have an absolute answer to something they have never experienced and have no knowledge of. Most people who have never eaten ‘insects’ quickly conclude that it is disgusting and tastes horrible. People like me that have eaten insects know that statement to be ‘false’. Just like all other food, some insects taste better than others and some are poisonous. It’s perfectly reasonable to be cautious of what we intend to do before doing it. However, if everyone was very cautious, great inventions like ‘planes’, the ‘light bulb’, the ‘fridge’ and the ‘internet’ would never have been created. So, the next time you are scared of experimenting with the unknown, don’t  worry – someone else will be the guinea pig.

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