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I arrived with the African Sun, with other African writers and they who love Africa at the British Library yesterday to commence …

Light OF The Gods

LIGHT OF THE GODS A Poem  By By Amaka Felly Obioji The goats bleat, the fowls crow and the gods watch. The …

Change is the Reality!

It’s time for a CHANGE but most people hate change. What is it about change that you fear? Fear is not good, …

Happy New Year 2015

“This New Year, you will not cry when someone steps on you, but the one who stepped on you will do the crying.”
– Millipede Chasing (An Igbo Story)

The Pyramid Review- Creepy and Suspenseful

The Pyramid horror film begins with the finding of an unheard-of and interesting three-sided pyramid buried underneath the desert in Cairo, Egypt. In the midst of the distress happening in the towns outside the desert, an archaeologist group headed by Holden and his daughter Nora were excessively assimilated in revealing the historical backdrop of the existences of the puzzle, then take a second to contemplate their safety.