Light OF The Gods


A Poem  By

By Amaka Felly Obioji

The goats bleat, the fowls crow and the gods watch. The blood splashes, the cries of agonized animals rise and the gods ponder. Incantations follow, pleads and endless pleading. They watch; it is over but nothing changes. Men still suffer and the gods smile.

Another routine comes, another slaughter happens and another pleading to the gods. Yet they watched and never listened. Men seek solution, cows slaughtered, slaves sacrificed and their blood used in cleansing all to appease the gods.

There was mourning, women look for their children, children were nowhere to be found; they have been dedicated to the gods. Children wander, they fidget not knowing that they are ösü outcasts of the society. Men discriminate not wanting to be part of them. Yet they pleaded, endless pleading to the gods.

The gods have stopped smiling. They seize to watch and they seize to ponder. Men seek the culprit, lays accusations on people, innocent people, then shed their blood in appeasement. The rage of the gods began. There was famine, no rain, the soil was hard to dig, men perish, men lost hope in their gods.

Oh! Gods of our ancestors where thy mercy is, save the lost hope of humanity and show us your light! Then thunder, lightening, a big downpour; the earth was soaked, huts were scattered and houses fell, yet these little minds of little men assumed it was the light of the gods…finally the gods have shown mercy with a greater disaster.


Amaka Felly Obioji

Amaka Felly obioji is a poet from Nigeria. She is the author of several poem and prose. Light of The Gods is her first online published poem. Amaka is currently a student at Anambra State University and the National Open University of Nigeria where she is studying for an honour degree in political science and law. She hails from Akpu in the Orumba south local government area of Anambra state.

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