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God in Poems

Never say never, “I will never be a preacher,” I said when I was 11 years old. But, God is the wiser🤔. …

Lobster Red Xmas 1

It’s a red winter Xmas. It’s a red coat Xmas. It’s a red scarf Xmas. It’s a red lipstick Xmas. It’s a red nail polish Xmas. It’s a red heart Xmas. It’s a red lobster Xmas … → December 25, 2018


An Igbo Man New Year

  “Happy New Year my friend, you look well. I have come to borrow one of your goats; Your black and brown …


9 Scary films for Halloween

Today doesn’t have to be the usual boring Monday, because it’s a Halloween Monday. If you enjoyed watching my Halloween’s video, then …


The Thing on the Road

                By Ada Uzoije “There is something on my road, but I don’t know what …


International Igbo Women Awards

I embraced my rich Igbo culture to attend the first International Igbo Women Awards held at Dream Centre,London,N15 4RY on the 8th …

DSC_0856 copy


Dear Ada Uzoije,  I believe Everybody Hate Me! I hate everyone because no one likes me. Everyone are cruel and they hate …

whose job 1_n

Storyline :  Tokumbo is a graduate, struggling to pay of his university fees. having worked a variety of job, Tukumbo turns to the only thing that might actually work, selling drugs. although, he is’nt streetwise or … → December 26, 2015