An Igbo Man New Year



Happy New Year my friend, you look well.

I have come to borrow one of your goats;

Your black and brown goat with drunken eyes

The gods have warned me to eat this today.

They say I must prepare a goat-head pepper soup

And as for the rest of the meat, the gods haven’t spoken.

Okafor! Why’re you looking at me like that?

I don’t lie, if I did let the God of thunder strike me!

Now I remember, I must use the other meat as dowry payment.

Amaka’s parents will finally accept my proposal, this will be good.

Okafor can’t you see? Your drunken he-goat is my New Year belle.

 Did I hear you right? You’re giving me the goat? Thank You!


No! Not another goat dream on every New Year day,

Poor bachelor like me, couldn’t even afford a chicken’s head,

Is that a he-goat in my room?