Ada Uzoije at the Post Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA) 2015

The winners and finalists at this year’s Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA) got a chance to toast to their success and recognition at a free paid dinner held in their honour on the 24 July 2015 at the popular Mama Jumbe’s restaurant in East London. I was invited to the event, being the assistant manager for Zimlink Media, a company that was nominated in this year category of the best media organisation.

BRIAN NYABUNZE ZAA Executive Director

“I invite all Zimbabweans in the UK to come and celebrate the outstanding achievements of those who have been recognised for flying our flag high.”    Brian Nyabunze (ZAA Executive Director)

ADA UZOIJE at the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards held in London, on the 9th of May,2015

This was the first post-awards event of its kind, and I sincerely hope it will not be the last. At the ZAA award ceremony that took place on the 9th of May, I was busy with the filming, photographs and interviews. I was sort of 100% focus on doing my job, that I missed out on most of the fun. So, it was definitely lovely to have a post-awards event, where the only things that was expected of everyone, was to ‘eat’, ‘chat’ and ‘dance’.  It was a great networking opportunity for everyone that attended. The after-party heated up when, we all moved down-stair to the club hall. It was exciting and funny, seeing most of these high-calibre professionals dancing on the dance floor. I enjoyed dancing to the Afro-beats music that was played on the night.

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